drenched perfect readometry

Lying on the porch
Of some random shack
At some random beach
In some random corner of the world
I order a brandy with soda
I don’t want to get drunk
But I need to.
I am alone.
It’s weird raising a solitary toast
But I have to.
I feel lonely.
Music being played is sombre
And the painting on the canvas of sky
Is breathtaking.
Time stands still,
While the breeze
Gently ruffles up my hair.
There’s a tingling sensation up my spine.
I recall
The touch of her fingers
Playing through my hair
And then on my neck,
As though tracing their way to my soul
I recall
How she would then
Pull my face close to plant a thunder on my lips,
Followed by a dozen more.
Right then,
The heavens pour down on me.
Drenched perfect.

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